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The View of Seeking People -- "competence" rather than "diplomatism"

Capable and responsible employees are outstanding employees, capable but not responsible employees are unqualified employees.

View of employing people -- "Post can be suitable"

The post is suitable for its ability, and the person is in the position. Choose the right person for each position, and everyone can find a position that suits them.

Education view -- "Building the foundation of character, synthesizing ability"

Character is a prerequisite for evaluating talents. The deeper the character cultivation, the higher the ability cultivation and play. In the work of human resource development, character and ability are valuable resources for enterprises.

Jin people view -- "performance plus potential, character plus ability"

Outstanding performance is the basis for promotion, but so is the individual's potential for development in relation to the future position. No performance can not be promoted; No development potential, also can not be promoted, which is consistent with the "use of people". At the same time, character and ability are also necessary conditions for talent promotion.

Retention - "career retention, treatment retention, emotional retention"

Pay attention to the embodiment of personal value of employees. Let everyone work at the same time, personal career achievements, material life changes, create a big family with emotions, so that everyone at home under the influence of warmth care for each other, support each other, and improve together.

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