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Guohua Marketing Center 2023 the first half of the summary meeting was successfully held

Published:2023-09-01      Clicks:713

In order to review and summarize the work in the first half of the year, further clarify the work ideas in the second half of the year and deploy the key work in the second half of the year, on July 14, Jiangsu Guohua Pipe Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held a marketing center 2023 summary meeting in the first half of the year, the company's general manager of operations Zou Yunqiang, marketing director Chen Lun and all marketing personnel a total of more than 40 people attended the meeting.

Work hard to seek development, step forward to the future. Through this meeting, the marketing center reached a high degree of consensus, standing in the middle of the year should adhere to the original heart such as Pan, with determination to move forward. In the next step, all the staff of Guohua Marketing Center will take this meeting as an opportunity to go all out and work hard with a more energetic and promising mental state, so as to achieve the same goal, synchronize the work and implement the same force, and accelerate the high-quality development of Grand Group.

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