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Tribute to the strugglers, ordinary also have light!

Published:2023-07-05      Clicks:377

Salute the grand struggler

Glory of labor

Belong to everyone

Born ordinary, cast great workers

Belong to everyone

Uphold the original heart, the pursuit of excellence of the striver

To every ordinary and extraordinary grand man


On May 5, the "Most beautiful Strivers" commendation conference of Grand Group was held in the multimedia conference room on the third floor of Guohua, and more than 50 middle and senior leaders of the Group and subsidiaries and commended personnel participated in the meeting.


At the meeting, Chen Pifang, director of Operation management Department of the Group, delivered a speech. On behalf of the group, he first congratulated the honored personnel and affirmed their contributions in their posts. I hope that in their future work, they will give play to the spirit of example and devote themselves to their work with more passion and enthusiasm.


The participants jointly watched the special video filmed and produced by the group - "Respect the ordinary, respect the extraordinary", the video from multiple angles showed the magnificent people in the position of firm, stick to, insist on the strivers style.

In order to promote the spirit of labor and struggle, encourage employees to base themselves on their positions with more passion and build new achievements, the meeting commended 22 "magnificent and most beautiful strivers".



At the end of the meeting, Dai Lingyun, vice chairman of the group company, made a concluding speech. He thanked and congratulated the employees who won the honorary title of "magnificent and most beautiful striver", and pointed out that the recognition activity is one of the corporate culture theme month activities, and the group will carry out a series of corporate culture activities in the future. The vice chairman encourages all employees to act bravely and well based on their positions, adhere to and practice core values, and strive to be pioneers, pioneers and contributors.


Hard work to achieve hard work

Cast a steel backbone with sweat

Use responsibility to draw a bright future

Ordinary will make great

Grand Group in the process of high-quality development

You and I are strivers!

You and I can shine!

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